Jewel Osco Retail Store Locations Announced

Press Releases | Monday May 17, 2021

The long-awaited store list has finally arrived! Initially we were informed that we'd be in 140 store locations. It turns out that we will be in 156 retail store locations! Yay for the increase!

Since we announced the big news last month, lots of people have been asking what locations will the products be in, and we didn't have the list yet—until now!

At the bottom of this page is the full list of 156 Jewel Osco locations that will be carrying Vicky Cakes products, however all of them aren't stocked yet.

We excitedly ask that if you, your relatives, or someone you know live in the Chicago area, please go by your local Jewel Osco grocery store and purchase a couple bags of Vicky Cakes. With us being the first Black-owned pancake mix in major retail, we want to show up and sell out, fast!

As of now, the only store that has stocked the product is:
1040 Summit Rd.
Elgin, IL 60120
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If you would like to receive alerts for when our products will be in new locations, click here to join the list and we'll let you know as soon as new locations are stocked up.

Plus, we have a new map feature that shows all of our retail locations across the country. Check the map to locate your nearest Jewel Osco grocery store.

Finally, below is the full list of stores. (Remember, all of them aren't stocked yet.)

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