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Business Lessons We’ve Learned From Starting & Growing Our Ecommerce Brand Vicky Cakes


It’s been a wonderful journey of ups and downs and today the husband/wife duo give you an insight into the valuable business lessons they’ve learned from starting, running and growing their ecommerce business. The lessons they share can be used by any small business that’s looking to start up an idea or grow your business to the next level.

If you didn’t know, Cortney and Christian started Vicky Cakes with only $12.17 and grew it to be a nationally recognized brand in only a couple of years. The business is based on Christian’s mom’s 40yr pancake mix recipe. The products are sold online, Amazon, Walmart.com, Jewel Osco, Gopuff, and nearly 200 retail locations, and have been featured by the likes of Tabitha Brown, Beyonce, The Food Network, Good Morning America, The New York Times, and more.


Business lessons covered in this episode:

Drown out the noise – 3:47

Don’t allow naysayers to stop you from doing what you dream to do. You can get inspiration from anywhere, even if you’ve never seen someone close to you do it.


The sun shines on everyone – 4:59

You have the same opportunity to pursue and fulfill your goals, dreams and ideas. No matter where you come from or where you are, YOU too can be successful and rise above! And, no matter what you see with your eyes, remember that there are things you don’t see are more important. The invisible is more important than the visible.


Don’t get sidetracked by who’s not cheering you on – 6:27

Some people may not support you simply because it’s YOU. But, remember: there are millions of people who are ready and willing to buy from you and support you – focus on them!


Build relationships every chance you get – 12:10

Relationships will keep your business going and thriving. Relationships are the currency of business.


Be consistent and authentic – 14:45

Do not try to be anyone else because people can see through that. Stick with what’s true and authentic to you. And, continue to show up over time, even when you don’t feel like it!


Everything doesn’t have to be done by you – 19:00

Build your team slowly at first, then outsource the major priorities. You’ll know you need a team when the tasks are too much for you to do alone and when your time becomes more valuable.