What are the ingredients in Vicky Cakes Pancake Mix?

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Our ingredients are simple.

Flour. Sugar. Baking powder. Salt. That’s it!

Nearly 4 decades ago Vicky had a need to feed her family, but she didn’t have disposable income to go to restaurants. So, like any mother would do, she reached in her cabinet and pulled out a few simple everyday ingredients to create what is known today as “Vicky Cakes”.

dairy free pancake mix in a bowl

It's Vegan By Mistake

Vicky didn’t intend on creating a vegan, dairy-free, egg-free pancake mix; it just happened that way. And, thankfully it did. Unlike all just-add-water mixes, Vicky Cakes® doesn’t contain powdered milk and powdered eggs. The base mix is inherently vegan and dairy free, which is used as the base for all of our products.


We use real ingredients

Vicky Cakes® uses real freeze dried blueberries, real chocolate chips, and real pecan pieces. Take blueberries for example. Some brands use died sugar crystals as imitation blueberries. Yuck! We promise to always use real fruit and real ingredients, even if it costs us more!

bowl of freeze dried blueberries
bowl of pecan pieces
bowl of real chocolate chips

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Diary free. Egg free. Black-owned. Woman-owned. Light, fluffy & delicious!

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