Meet Vicky Cakes–the First Black-owned Pancake Mix in Major Retail

Press Releases | Monday May 17, 2021

[DALLAS, TEXAS, May 16, 2021] Aunt Jemima, who? Vicky Cakes® is America’s new darling vegan pancake mix, who is quickly emerging as the leader in vegan pancake and waffle mix.

After Quaker Oats announced retiring the culturally insensitive brand Aunt Jemima, consumers flocked to Vicky Cakes®, who then sold over 184,000 bags of pancake mix, grossing over half a million dollars in sales, and featured by Beyonce, Food Network, WeBuyBlack, Good Morning America, Cosmopolitan, Complex, and more. They have also been recognized by the NAACP and endorsed by actress and celebrity vegan food influencer Tabitha Brown. 

On the heels of Black History Month and National Women’s History month, Vicky Cakes® is making history of their own. They have secured 156 Jewel Osco grocery stores based in Chicago. The products are set to hit shelves in late Spring 2021, making Vicky Cakes® the first and only Black-owned pancake mix to be in a major retail chain.

Vicky Cakes® is not the run-of-the-mill add water only pancake mix. In fact, they are the ANTI just-add-water mix. Their products are vegan-friendly and come in 5 varieties: original, blueberry, pecan, chocolate chip, and gluten-free. But, they didn’t stop there. Vicky Cakes® recently launched original and caramel syrups that don’t contain preservatives and high fructose corn syrup, unlike Aunt Jemima, Hungry Jack and Mrs. Butterworth’s syrups. 

This Black-owned pancake mix company is based in Dallas, Texas and is run by husband and wife duo Christian and Cortney Sargent.

“We live in such a busy society”, says Christian Sargent, CEO and Co-Founder, "and with the global pandemic, now is the perfect time for families to sit down together for breakfast. Our mission is to bring 1,000,000 families back to the table for good meals and good memories.” And, Vicky Cakes® is no stranger to family.

Co-Founders Christian and Cortney Sargent

Vicky Cakes® product line

Christian’s mom, Vicky, created this secret vegan recipe 40 years ago using the simple ingredients from her cabinets, all out of necessity to feed her children. After being inspired by ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, the Dallas couple launched the company in May of 2019 on Mother’s Day as an honorary gesture to Vicky for her dedication as a single mom. Vicky Cakes® is the trailblazer for the vegan pancake mix industry and is best known as The Heart of Breakfast™.

About Vicky Cakes®
Vicky Cakes® Pancake & Waffle Mix is a consumer packaged goods manufacturer and distributor of pancake mix and syrups. Vicky Cakes® is dairy-free, made with wholesome ingredients, and is anti-just-add-water. The vegan product is based on a 40-year-old secret family recipe from the CEO’s mom, Vicky.

Guiding Vicky Cakes® is our vision to Be the Global Leader in Pancake & Waffle Mix by bringing families back to the table. “The Heart of Breakfast” is our mantra and it reflects our ambition to win in the marketplace and provide good food and good memories to families all across the world.

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