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Vicky Cakes is a vegan dairy-free pancake mix endorsed by celebrity vegan influencer Tabitha Brown. We’re Black-owned, woman-owned and 100% made in the USA.

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Vegan Pancake Mix*

40-Year Old Family Recipe Enjoyed by 20,000+ Families

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Yep, it's really vegan*.

Vicky Cakes doesn’t contain any  dairy products like powdered eggs and milk.

To make it vegan, use your dairy-free milk and egg substitutes. The vegan instructions are listed on the back of the bag. So, go ahead and get your vegan eat-on!

Stacks Above the Rest

Let's compare Vicky Cakes to just add water pancakes.

Not just add water

dairy free vegan single Vicky Cakes pancake
  • Full of Flavor

Our secret family recipe unleashes massive flavor and you can literally taste the difference.

stack of dairy free vegan Vicky Cakes pancakes
  • Light & Fluffy

Always get soft, light, and fluffy pancakes and waffles every time– just the way Vicky makes them.

  • Wholesome Ingredients

Our products are clean, fresh, light and made with REAL ingredients. Eat as many as you want. No guilt included!

Just add water

add just water pancakemix
single just add water pancake
  • Full of Water

Water does nothing for the taste of your pancakes, even though most big box products only require water.

stack of just add water pancakes
  • Flat & Boring Taste

You need to “doctor up” just add water pancakes, but they still come out unsatisfying and unfulfilling.

single just add water pancake
  • Artificial Ingredients & Dairy

Just-add-water pancakes contain fake fruit, artificial, unwholesome ingredients and other stuff you can't even pronounce.

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Syrup Done Right

All-natural. No high fructose corn syrup. Just delicious.


Commonly Asked Questions

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