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3 Tips to Make Perfect Pancakes, Fast


Do you remember waking up nearly every Sunday to your mom making delicious pancakes that filled the house with a pleasant aroma? As we grow up watching our parent/parents cook we typically carry those traditions on within our lives once we grow up. How many batches of delicious pancakes do you think you have made over the years? By having that type of repetition there is a lot to be learned. Here are five steps for making perfect pancakes every time.

1. Don’t Overmix & Let Your Batter Rest

To avoid stiff, sticky batter it is okay to have some lumps in your batter. Whisk your ingredients together, but don’t overmix. As the old saying goes patience is a virtue… even when it comes to cooking pancakes. After mixing the ingredients allow your batter to sit for about 2-3 minutes. (How long you allow your batter to rest is up to you) Allowing your batter to rest allows the batter to thicken.

2. Use a Griddle or an Electric Skillet

It is suggested to use a 12-inch skillet so that you can cook more than one pancake at a time. Using this size pan allows for even heat no matter what stovetop you are using. Having an electric skillet allows you to make at least six pancakes for perfectly golden pancakes all around. Another helpful item that you can use when cooking pancakes are pancake rings

3. Paying Attention

To have better pancakes it is a must to pay attention. You will need to pay attention to the pancakes as they are cooking. If your pancakes are browning too quickly, turn down your heat slightly. Another secret of the trade is to let your pan cool for a minute before starting the next batch. If you’re having issues with your pancakes sticking then you can add a little more butter or oil to your pan.

There you go!

Those are 3 tips to making perfect pancakes, fast. If you follow these tips your pancakes will come out light, fluffy, and golden brown – just like Vicky’s! Your family will crave your pancakes every weekend!

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