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Vicky Cakes Hits the Stage At “Rap Snacks Disrupt 2024”


If this past week was any indication of how the rest of 2024 is going to go BUCKLE UP and grab more plates and seats because our table is expanding!!!

This past week Cortney and I were invited to Fort Lauderdale, FL as exhibitors for “Rap Snacks Disrupt 2024 Summit” for CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) brands.

It was a week full of highlights, great panels, roundtables, and inspiration—from our peers to some of the top industry leaders in the Black-owned CPG space.

We went as exhibitors, but I ended up on the main stage—making it the most memorable moment of the week!

Aside from meeting distributors and retail executives, we were also honored to meet other small business owners who we’ve loved and championed from social media since we started.

It was like the homecoming/family reunion that you didn’t know you would fit in at!

It was delightful and we were able to plan and secure collaborations and partnerships that will bring more awareness to our brand and others.

Brick by brick and relationship by relationship we are building a global brand and we understand we cannot do it alone.

It is truly refreshing to hear feedback on our efforts and to have our hard work and dedication noticed by other brands and influential people who not only congratulate us but also commit to helping us reach our next big milestones in any way that they can.

This is truly an invaluable offering that we have prayed for and are exceedingly grateful to have access to.

Many small businesses do not make it to their 5th year, but we have; and we are excited to bring new flavors, recipes, products, memberships, resources, and more to the table in great anticipation of doing more in 2024!

This year I am excited to lead Vicky Cakes into a new era of community building and mission-focused innovation.

Our company has always been rooted in family, food, and tradition, but we are taking it up to a new level with how, when, and where you can enjoy all things Vicky Cakes with heart, soul, and intention in every element of the brand.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey and for sharing Vicky Cakes with your family and friends! We couldn’t do what we do without you at the table!

Enjoy some of the pictures from the Rap Snacks Summit and follow us over on Instagram for videos, reviews, and behind-the-scenes.

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