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5 Common Mistakes You’re Making When Cooking Pancakes


Pancakes are a breakfast favorite that you’ve probably made several times over for yourself or family. Do you dream of fluffy, golden pancakes top with syrup, but your pancakes never come out the way they do in your dreams? We’re here to make your dreams come true by showing you everything that you may be doing wrong when cooking pancakes; and teach you how to perfect your pancake-cooking skills. Here are five common mistakes that you’re making when cooking fluffy pancakes.

Mistake #1: Using a Spoon or a Fork

What is the first thing you grab to mix your batter? The number one mistake would be grabbing a fork or a spoon to mix your batter. To make irresistible fluffy pancakes, use a large whisk to allow more air to be whipped into the batter, and you’ll be on your way to the pancakes of your dream.

Mistake #2: Not Letting Your Batter Rest or Overmixing

As the old saying goes: patience is a virtue… even when it comes to cooking pancakes. After mixing the wet and dry ingredients allow your batter to sit for about 2-3 minutes. Allowing your batter to rest allows the batter to thicken.

Mistake #3: Overmixing Your Batter

Go ahead and raise your hand because we’ve all done this one. Have you seen those little lumps in your batter and thought that you have to get all of them out? That’s a myth! Having little lumps in your batter is perfectly fine. That’s another thing that makes your pancakes fluffy.
Avoid overmixing your batter because it will lead to thin, flat, boring pancakes that your kids and family will give you the side-eye over!

Mistake #4: Cooking at the Wrong Temperature

Have you ever been rushed to cook pancakes because your kids are pressuring you, time is running out, and you have a million things to do today? Well, there’s a little-known secret to cooking pancakes: low and slow!

We realize you’re ready to eat and you want your pancakes now, but turning up the heat is not the way to go. Most people cook their pancakes on high, which is a big mistake. This will not only burn your pancakes before the middle cooks evenly, but it will also burn your kitchen rep and your family may not want your pancakes anymore.

To make pancakes that are light and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, it’s recommended that you set your burner to medium, and allow your pan to heat up for at least three minutes before adding your batter. Then, once the batter hits the hot skillet, the oil in the skillet will fry the edges and the evenly heat will cook the inside to perfection.

Mistake #5: Flipping Too Often or Too Soon

Have you ever flipped your pancakes and the runny batter went all over the place? Do you cringe when it’s time to flip? We’ll we’re about change the way you flip!

Flipping pancakes too soon makes your pancakes lose their poise and fluffy texture. Not to mention the colossal mess and deflated confidence. And, there’s no need to repeatedly flip pancakes. Pancakes should only be flipped once.

So, wanna know the secret to flipping pancakes?

Wait for the bubbles!

When your pancakes are done on the inside, they will form “bubbles” or “holes” on the topside. Once you start to see the bubbles, it’s time to flip your pancakes. Remember: the bubbles are your safety net.

There you have it!

Those are 5 mistakes to avoid when cooking pancakes. If you follow these instructions and avoid these rookie errors, your pancakes will come out light, fluffy, and golden brown– just like Vicky’s! And, your family and friends will crave your beloved pancakes every weekend!

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