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9 Black-owned Brands Partner in “Redefining Black” PSA Campaign


“Redefining Black” is a PSA/call-to-action to inspire people of all ethnicities to raise the standard of what’s possible for Black people and to rise above the limitations and common negative stereotypes in the Black community. The campaign is presented by Vicky Cakes, the 1st Black-owned pancake mix in retail.

“Redefining Black” brings together a handful of Black-owned brands who are impacting the culture today and redefining the norm of what’s possible for Black and minority entrepreneurs.

The idea for this campaign was conceived by Cortney Sargent, Sr., Co-Founder of Vicky Cakes, who runs the company with his CEO wife Christian Sargent.

“I was inspired to start this movement for many reasons. For one because every year during Black History Month our timelines get overwhelmed with people only focusing on historical figures. I believe their accomplishments should be highlighted while also recognizing amazing Black people who are making history today. In recent years, I’ve also grown fatigued with White-run corporations and studios using Black and mixed people in their commercials and films, and cherry-picking Black brands to feature so their company appears “diverse”. We decided not to wait around to be picked–we created our own commercial to feature amazing Black-owned brands; and we have plans to do it many more times with commercials, films, and podcasts.”


The brands in the commercial include Vicky Cakes, Julo, Dwight Taylor, Sr., Nile Street, Kingdom Social Media, Mama’s Biscuits, Navigator Sales & Marketing, Partake Foods, and Chef Tirzah Love from Soul Box & “The Great Soulfood Cook-off”.

Unfortunately, there are those who believe that Black people can’t be as successful as our White and Asian counterparts—that Black entrepreneurs are typically unprofessional and have bad customer service. But, we strongly disagree. African/African American people and businesses are very capable of changing the world on a global scale; and there are many who have proven that, in days of old and recent times.

We, as a community first, must decide to prove the negative stereotypes wrong and rise above negative perceptions. Despite what popular media typically presents us as we are family-oriented, are professional business leaders, and do support one another. And, no we do not have to be the thug, gangster, and baby mamma in movies anymore because we can own the studio now. Let’s use our power to redefine Black.


How do you redefine Black?

You can redefine Black by changing your actions as an individual, first. Challenge the norm and break the negative stereotypes that are popular amongst our people. Prove them wrong. Be the change you want to see in the world.

You can also redefine Black by challenging the negative perceptions you have about Black people–whether that perception came from mass media or a personal experience. African/African Americans, like every ethnicity, are a diverse group of people who are all unique. One person doesn’t represent the whole.

Be opened-minded in your beliefs and interactions with people, one day at a time. Let’s come together to redefine what our world and planet will be tomorrow, by inspiring change positive today.

The “Redefining Black” campaign is presented by Vicky Cakes.


Entrepreneurs featured in the commercial (in order of appearance):


About Vicky Cakes

Vicky Cakes® Pancake & Waffle Mix is a consumer packaged goods manufacturer and distributor of pancake mix and syrups. They are the first Black-owned pancake mix in retail. Vicky Cakes® is dairy-free, made with wholesome ingredients, and is anti-just-add-water. The vegan product is based on a 40-year-old secret family recipe from the CEO’s mom, Vicky.

Guiding Vicky Cakes® is our vision to Be the Global Leader in Pancake & Waffle Mix by bringing families back to the table. “The Heart of Breakfast” is our mantra and it reflects our ambition to win in the marketplace and provide good food and good memories to families all across the world. For more information, visit www.vickycakesonline.com.