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Family Vacation Tips – How to take a nice family vacation without stressing


After working hard throughout the year are you and your family ready for a much-needed vacation? Traveling with your family on vacation can be very exciting, but at the same time can be overwhelming if you do not prepare and plan for your vacation. Two of the biggest things you can do to ensure your vacation goes smoothly is to know exactly what you’re going to be doing and be prepared. Without further ado, here are some tips that can be useful before and during your trip especially when traveling with kids.

1. Pre-Book What You Can

Planning a vacation for you and your family can be exciting, but also stressful at the same time. Sure, you have your plane tickets reserved for the trip, but it doesn’t end there. It is wise to have your hotel reserved for at least a couple of days because after arriving at your destination, the first thing you’ll want to do is check into your hotel so that you can drop off luggage and give your family a chance to rest. Once you are settled, you can decide where you would like to stay for the rest of your trip if that is the case. There are many things you can pre-book besides flights and lodging. Such as tickets for different attractions, museums, tours, transportation, and much more. Booking ahead of time is one less thing you’ll have to worry about on your trip.

2. Don’t Rush and Take it Slow

Rather if you are taking a trip by car or plane you will want to leave plenty of time just in case you need to make adjustments if anything should go wrong. When traveling by plane it is important to arrive at the airport early so that you can get through security to board the plane on time. Being stuck at the airport while traveling with unhappy kids can be stressful and no fun. There is only so much that you can do in one day so plan accordingly. The bottom line is that you should leave your schedule open just in case you may need to adjust anything on your trip.

3. Have Identification/Documentation in Order

When traveling out of the country it is wise to know if you will need additional paperwork to cross borders, especially with kids. Typically, passports are all you need, but there are some countries that will ask you to prove you’re the child’s parents by showing their original birth certificate, so you have the right to enter and leave the country.

It is crucial to have the necessary paperwork needed especially if you are traveling with children that are not your own or traveling without your child’s other parent. Some countries may require you to provide a note from the child’s parents that are not present. It is wise to have documents notarized before traveling. The moral of the story is always to be prepared by having all the necessary documents needed to travel.

4. Bring What is Needed – Don’t Overpack

Depending on how long you and your family will be traveling should determine what is needed to pack. Of course, you do not want to pack your entire household in a few suitcases. Parents typically want to bring anything that their child or children may use to not disrupt certain routines. That is a horrible idea because at the end of the day you do not want to have to be carrying several pounds of luggage along with a child on your hip.

The bottom line is to pack as little as possible because you can buy what is needed at your destination. The less you bring means the less you will have to carry. Also, this saves room to be able to buy souvenirs during your trip.

4. Provide Contact Information to Your Kids

If your child ever goes missing, you want to ensure they have your contact information so they’re able to find you. Make sure to have the following information: Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and a local address. If you have older kids have them memorize your phone number and email address and add all contact information to their phones. As adults, we know teenagers will not go very far without their electronic devices.

5. Have Snacks Available

It is smart to have snacks on hand because you never know how much time will go by until your next meal. You never know what could happen. Perhaps your flight was delayed, your tour lasted longer than expected, or you run into unexpected traffic. Having hungry kids can make a fun-filled day turn into misery in a matter of seconds. Having snacks on hand until you can refuel will allow the day to go smoothly with happy kids.

6. Overall Have Fun

As we get older it is important that we have fun with our families and cherish the memories. During your trip take plenty of pictures so you can remember the trip for years to come. Another great way to get your kids involved once they’re responsible enough is by providing them with a camera so they can see the beauty of mother nature by taking pictures to share with friends and family. Plan for a fun-filled day with activities, different sites to see, and so forth. Enjoy every minute you have.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you travel new experiences will open your mind along with your children’s minds. From seeing new surroundings to experiencing new food everything you do will be exciting. Staying engaged in different activities will allow that special bond with your family. Not everything will go as planned, but everyone will have fun exploring and spending time together. Before you know it you will be planning your next family vacation.

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