Vicky Cakes Fundraising

Make Fundraising Tasty!

Vicky Cakes makes fundraising tasty with multiple products and creative fun ideas to raise money for your cause. Whether you choose a One-Day Pancake Breakfast or decide to collect orders in advance through our Pre-Sell option, we’ve got all the tools (and fluffy ‘cakes) you need to meet your fundraising goals. We require a minimum lead time of 72 hours for all fundraising orders.

Pre-sell Bags of Vicky Cakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? Our Pre-Sell fundraising option is a great choice for an extended fundraising window and to purchase only as many products as you need. Use the Pre-Sell order forms to keep track of your donations. Once your fundraising activity closes, tally up your orders and deliver pancakes to your supporters. Allow 7-10 business days for all fundraising orders to be processed and shipped.

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1. Download Order Form

Select products and download forms to help you sell and track.

2. Spread the Word

Share your fundraiser with family and friends for them to order Vicky Cakes.

3. Tally, Order, Deliver

When your fundraiser ends, place your order and deliver.

One-Day Pancake Breakfast Event

Need to raise funds quickly? Our One-Day Sale Pancake Breakfast fundraising option allows you to raise money faster and feed families sooner!

Pick a day, place your order for Vicky Cakes Pancake Mix, sell tickets to your pancake breakfast event, and cook up the lightest, fluffiest pancakes your community has ever tasted! Keep the profits! We require a 72-hour lead time for orders and fulfillment. 

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1. Plan

Select a convenient location and date for your pancake breakfast.

2. Spread the Word

Sell tickets to your Pancake Breakfast event to your family and friends.

3. Cook & Enjoy

When your event date comes, set up your location and have fun eating America’s best pancakes!